100 Iterations (2017 - present)

Gregory Uzelac’s work in progress,100 Iterations (2017—present), is an installation of one hundred individual masks that chronicle one hundred representations of the artist in different moments in time. From joyful celebrations to mental health battles, instead of disguising reality these masks depict genuine moments and feelings in hyperbole.

When complete, the colourful installation will envelop the viewer in an accumulation of emotions and experiences. With the help of a numbered key however, viewers are asked to intimately explore the individual pieces of the life displayed around them, hopefully recognizing themselves amidst the faces. The order in which the masks are displayed is changed every morning, exemplifying the fluidity of memory and emotionality within a single person.  The juxtaposition of the grandness with each mask’s meticulous uniqueness emphasizes the innate sophistication of one’s character and the symbiosis of all its traits. Furthermore, by flipping the role of the mask, 100 Iterations challenges the ways in which people wear given identities instead of embracing their own nuances and creating their own.