artist statement

(The Post-Consumerist Manifesto)

We too often think of market capital, advertising, and consumerism in fiscal-economic terms. Meanwhile these elements have invaded our social, political, sexual, and emotional worlds too. To be Post-Consumerist, as I call my style, is not an outright rejection of these influences. Instead, my process is driven by embracing and navigating the symbiosis of tragedy and comedy that comes with a society’s susceptibility to influences that may be contradictory to our own unique, individual sensibilities.

Real life is not as simple as ad copy makes it seem. There is no “call to action” that leads you down the path to happiness. I am inspired by the morbidly ironic and very complex nature of being human. This creative outlook is also shaped by the postcolonial tradition and Jewish liturgy that surrounded me as I grew up.

Beauty can be ugly and horror can be attractive. I am driven to explore deeper truths behind visages. My work is influenced by the absurdity of false truths and hypocrisy, the fickleness of the ego, and the terrible lengths humans go in pursuit of things they are told they want and must have, even if they won’t make them happy...if there is such a thing as true happiness anyhow.

- G.U.